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check mention hehe

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Let’s show him how much he is loved by ELF.

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i lost one follower lol bye bye hater

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Anonymous asked: haha matakot ka,hindi ako tao I'm an ELF lol haha tignan mo na lang recent followers mo :))

sino ka dito? wala akong power sa panghuhula lol 

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those people who bash this man, unfollow me now. i hate you so much

Anonymous asked: haha check mo na lang yung online visitors mo haha.. ^^

hindi nakikita yng name nung sa akin eh lol

nakakatakot ka ah ayaw mo magpakilala xDD

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Anonymous asked: haha hindi ba pwede dito? wala akong twitter eh :)

awww~ sayang haha but pwede na din hehe

mag un-anon ka nman para makilala kita hahaha :D

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talk to me on twitter ~.~

esp for phelfs, gusto ko ng kaibigan na phelf sa twitter huhu

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MAMACITA in slow motion

one of the fan said that whenever she say that she likes super junior her friends would ask her “shindong as well?”

shindong: I wanted to say that I am sorry….Like the question ‘Do you even like shindong?’… Just… Just… Somewhat..I worried that (fans) would be embarrassed about liking our group, just because of me.. I felt sorry about that.

Ryeowook: Donghae hyung said that if Shindong hyung’s not in the concert, he won’t do it